The present web application is an intellectual property of "ZeniΘ Gas & Light" and its partial or total republishing is forbidden. The resulting outputs are not a product of an energy study and they do not substitute it. They are an estimation of the load and energy behavior of heating systems, domestic hot water systems, and lighting systems, and therefore may differ compared to the results of a detailed energy study, concerning the absence of construction plans, and on-site autopsy in the building. "ZeniΘ Gas & Light" is not responsible for any errors, or incorrect results, that may come up from the use of the application.

Methodology - Sources

Energy calculations performing is based on the assumptions and the use of the Buildings Energy Efficiency Regulation (Κ.ΕΝ.Α.Κ), as well as energy efficiency features of appliances, which are available from energy equipment manufacturers. The assessment of the house heating load is carried out using the Degree-Days method.

The determination of the operating costs, and economic benefits/damages, is made taking into account the average energy commodity prices of the last year, with latest update on January 2018. The prices used are final consumer prices, including energy charges, regulated charges, fees, taxes and VAT. The price of the heating oil is taken from the Ministry of Development's Fuel Prices Observatory. The price of natural gas is taken from the Residential Autonomous Heating and DHW tariff (T2) of “Zenith Gas & Light”. The price of the electricity is taken from the low voltage residential tariff (POWER HOME) of "ZeniΘ Gas & Light" and it concerns an 1-phase supply, with no night tariff, without discounts, and indicative consumption of 1.800 kWh/4-months.